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Bike Services


"The not so basic" tune up

Price: $50

#Drivetrain adjustment

#Brake adjustment

#Wipe and Lube the chain

#Notify your chain life

#Tire pressure inspection/inflation

#Wipe down clean

#Check tightness of some screws

#Notify parts remaining life

#Safety check


Parts replacement/installation

Maintain a specific item: *general labor fee

Parts replace/installation: *general labor fee

Cable/cable housing replacement: *general labor fee

Internal routing: *general labor fee

Full boxed bike assembly: $90

Full bike assembly with your parts: *general labor fee

Bottom Bracket installation: $30

Bottom Bracket overhual: $30

* Please contact to check fitment first

Cassette intallation: $10

Chain installation: $10

Chain Clean and lube (on bike): $10

Chain Ultrasonic Clean and lube: $20

Crankset Installation: $30 

Gear adjustment (front or rear): $10

Groupset installation/replacement: $100

Groupset installation minus crankset: $80

Dropper post installation: $35


Tire stuff

Cushcore/tire insert installation: $40 per wheel

Tubeless tire installation: $15 per tire

* Including seating the bead and sealant injection with your own sealant

Fix flat: $5 per puncture

Tubeless conversion: $45 per wheel

* Non-fat bike wheels only, includes tape, valve stem, stan's sealant

Tubeless tire puncture fix: $15+$5 per puncture

Change inner tube: $10 per wheel + cost of tube


"The not so intermediate" tune up

Price: $100

#All of "not so basic" service

#Change of shift/brake cable and housing set up to 1 set

#Full screw torque check

#Chain/Drivetrain degrease

#Wheel true front and back

#Rotor true

#Suspension fork stanchion clean and lubing

#Headset adjustment if necessary

#BB, crank clean, grease, re-install (threaded BB Only)

#complimentary bike clean with polish product


Wheel building/maintenance/repair

Wheel building: Starts from $50 per wheel

* Checkout MTB Wheel Building page for more detail

* Most wheels are built with target precision of 0.3mm lateral deviation and radial deviation or better, spoke tension balaced +/- 5% of target tension, rim centered, spoke stress relieved 

* I can also order rims, hubs, spokes and provide advice on the combo according to your riding  style with half a month to a month wait time, contact for more info

* I also build off the shelf wheelsets for different biking disciplines for sale, please check our online shop page for what's in stock

Wheel truing on truing stand: $25 per wheel

Replacing broken spoke: $25 (truing) + cost of spokes

Spoke Length Calculation: J-bend only, 20$ per wheel


Brake service

Hydraulic brake bleed (dot5.1, shimano mineral, magura royal blood): $30 for one

Rotor truing and caliper centering: $15 per brake

"To bigger rotor": $20 per brake

* With you providing rotor, adapter, and I do the installation, dial in 

Replace rotor only centerlock or 6 bolts: $15 per brake

Replace pads only V or disc: $10 per brake

Jagwire mountain sport V brake pads: $5 per set



* General Labor Fee: $50/hour

Any other services listed or not listed here: If there is not a price, please contact for quote, fee varies according to time consumed. All fees listed above could vary as well depending on the time consumed.

bike service
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